Candied Strips of Orange Peels
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Sugar candied natural orange peels, dip them in temperate chocolate and you'll have a French classic called Orangettes.
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Chestnuts Naples‌ in Syrup
KWD 17.750 KWD 17.750 17.75 KWD
Candied chestnuts in vanillied syrup to achieve the best marron glasses or Mont Blanc desserts RECIPE CORNER Chestnut Millefeuille Chesnut Dome Autumnal Symphony Cake
Chestnuts Cream with Vanilla
KWD 2.000 KWD 2.000 2.0 KWD
A sweet and creamy spread, to enjoy as is or couple with pure chestnut paste to get a Mont Blanc vermicelli topping.
Chestnuts Paste with Vanilla
KWD 2.750 KWD 2.750 2.75 KWD
A semi sweet chestnut paste, a staple in order to achieve a great taste with a minimum amount of sugar RECIPE CORNER Autumnal Symphony Cake Chestnut Pear Cake Chestnut Millefeuille Chestnut Pound Cake Chesnut Dome
Candied strips of lemon peels
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